Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Act 2013

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Part 2 Interception capability duties

Subpart 1—Duty to have full interception capability

9 Network operators must ensure public telecommunications networks and telecommunications services have full interception capability


A network operator must ensure that every public telecommunications network that the operator owns, controls, or operates, and every telecommunications service that the operator provides in New Zealand, has full interception capability.


However, subsection (1)—


does not require a network operator to ensure that all components of the public telecommunications network or telecommunications service referred to in that subsection have full interception capability; and


is sufficiently complied with if a network operator ensures, in whatever manner the network operator thinks fit, that at least 1 component of that network or service has full interception capability.


Without limiting subsection (1), the duty under that subsection to have full interception capability includes the duty to ensure that the interception capability is developed, installed, and maintained.