Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Act 2013

Subpart 2—Reduced duties


11 Interception ready


A network operator that is required by or under this subpart to ensure that a network or service is intercept ready—


must pre-deploy access points at suitable and sufficient concentration points on the network or service to allow an interception warrant or any other lawful interception authority relating to any of its customers to be given effect:


must reserve 1 or more network interfaces (that is, delivery ports) to which interception equipment can connect in order to deliver intercepted telecommunications to the surveillance agency; and


must reserve, for each reserved interface referred to in paragraph (b), sufficient bandwidth to deliver intercepted telecommunications content and call associated data to the relevant surveillance agency; and


when presented with an interception warrant or any other lawful interception authority must, free of charge,—


provide a suitable access point in its public telecommunications network or service for interception equipment:


co-operate with authorised persons and allow them access to its premises:


provide sufficient environmentally controlled space to house the interception equipment or provide sufficient backhaul to a suitable location where the equipment can be housed:


must, when compliance with the Act is required to be tested, comply with paragraphs (a) to (d).


A network operator referred to in section 13 or 14 is not eligible for reimbursement under section 115 if the network operator’s network or service was intercept ready only.