Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Act 2013

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69 Annual update


A network operator must give to the Registrar each year in November an annual update of information on the register relating to that operator.


The annual update must—


specify any changes to the information referred to in section 62 that have occurred since the network operator last gave information to the Registrar (whether in a notice under section 68, the previous annual update, or an application under section 61); and


confirm that, apart from the changes under paragraph (a), all other information referred to in section 62 that is currently held by the Registrar remains correct; and


be in the form (if any) required by the Registrar; and


be accompanied by a certificate signed by the chief executive of the network operator confirming that the information contained in the annual update is true and correct.


An annual update does not need to be provided in the year during which this section comes into force.