18 Storage and inspection of auctioneer record


Every auctioneer record must be kept available for inspection at the address of the principal place at which the registered auctioneer carries on business as an auctioneer.


The registered auctioneer must make the auctioneer record available for inspection, on request at any reasonable time, by any of the following:


a constable:


an employee of the Commerce Commission authorised, in writing, to inspect auctioneer records:


a vendor who has sold property through the auctioneer, but only in respect of the parts of the record that relate to the vendor and that property.


A registered auctioneer must, on request, give any person who has a right to inspect an auctioneer record a copy of any part of the record that he or she is entitled to inspect.

Compare: 2004 No 70 ss 53, 54