Registrar and register

19 Registrar of Auctioneers


The chief executive must appoint, under the Public Service Act 2020, a Registrar of Auctioneers.


The person holding office as the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act 1993 immediately before the commencement of this Act must be treated as if that person had been appointed as the Registrar of Auctioneers in accordance with this section.


The functions of the Registrar are as follows:


to establish and maintain a register of registered auctioneers:


to determine applications for registration:


to issue registration certificates:


to cancel registrations under section 14:


to perform any other function conferred on the Registrar by this Act.


The Registrar may delegate any of the Registrar’s functions or duties to any other person, except the power of delegation.


A delegation must be in writing, may be made subject to any restrictions or conditions the Registrar thinks fit, is revocable in writing at any time, and does not prevent the performance or exercise of any function or duty by the Registrar.


A person to whom any functions or duties are delegated may perform them in the same manner, and with the same effect, as if they had been conferred directly by this section.


A person who appears to act under a delegation is presumed to be acting in accordance with its terms in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

Compare: 2003 No 12 ss 60, 61, 62

Section 19(1): amended, on 7 August 2020, by section 135 of the Public Service Act 2020 (2020 No 40).