Te Rarawa Claims Settlement Act 2015

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Trustees’ right of first refusal

185 Requirements for offer


An offer by an RFR landowner to dispose of RFR land to the trustees of an offer trust must be made by notice to the trustees of the 1 or more offer trusts, incorporating—


the terms of the offer, including its expiry date; and


the legal description of the land, including any interests affecting it and the reference for any computer register that contains the land; and


a street address for the land (if applicable); and


a street address, postal address, and fax number or electronic address for the trustees to give notices to the RFR landowner in relation to the offer; and


a statement that identifies the land as exclusive RFR land, shared RFR land, or balance RFR land, as the case may be.


To avoid doubt, an offer made under this section by an RFR landowner to dispose of balance RFR land must be on terms that are the same (as far as practicable) as the terms of the offer made to the trustees of an offer trust to dispose of that land as exclusive RFR land or shared RFR land (as the case may have been).