Te Rarawa Claims Settlement Act 2015

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203 Notice to trustees of offer trusts of disposal of RFR land to others


An RFR landowner must give the trustees of the 1 or more offer trusts notice of the disposal of RFR land by the landowner to a person other than the trustees of an offer trust or their nominee.


The notice must be given on or before the date that is 20 working days before the day of the disposal.


The notice must include—


the legal description of the land and any interests affecting it; and


the reference for any computer register for the land; and


the street address for the land (if applicable); and


the name of the person to whom the land is being disposed of; and


an explanation of how the disposal complies with section 184; and


if the disposal is to be made under section 184(1)(d), a copy of any written contract for the disposal.