New Zealand Business Number Act 2016

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Coat of Arms of New Zealand

New Zealand Business Number Act 2016

Public Act
2016 No 16
Date of assent
15 April 2016
see section 2


3Main purposes
6Status of examples
7Transitional, savings, and related provisions
8Act binds the Crown
9Meaning of corporate or public entity and unincorporated entity
10Entities eligible for NZBN
11Persons that are more than 1 entity: eligibility for NZBN
12Entities ineligible for NZBN
13Application for NZBN
14Registrar’s powers on application for NZBN
15Registrar’s power to register eligible entities without application
16Process for registering entity
17Registrar’s power to cancel registration
18Registrar to keep register
19Form of register
20Contents of register
21Public primary business data
22Power to amend Schedules 3 and 4
23Updating register
24Manner register to be kept and operated concerning access to information
25Public access to information in register
26Third party access to information in register
27Government agencies may access and provide information
28Government agencies may use NZBN
29Government agencies may be empowered to require NZBN
30Registrar of New Zealand Business Numbers
31Delegation of Registrar’s duties and powers
32Registrar’s verification powers
33Registrar must notify reasons for certain decisions and appeal rights
34Appeals against decisions of Registrar
35Privacy Commissioner may require Registrar to report
36No legal or beneficial interest in NZBN
38Giving documents and doing other things in manner determined by Registrar
39Offence in relation to NZBN
40False or misleading statements
41Consequential amendments
Legislative history
Administrative information

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: