Trans-Tasman Proceedings Amendment Act 2016

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Trans-Tasman Proceedings Amendment Act 2016

Public Act
2016 No 70
Date of assent
17 October 2016
see section 2


3Principal Act
4Section 3 amended (Purpose of, and guides to, this Act)
5Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
6Section 6 repealed (Trans-Tasman market proceedings provisions not affected)
7Section 53 amended (When registrable Australian judgments are enforceable in New Zealand)
8New Part 3 inserted
79Part not limited by Part 1 or 2
80Courts (Remote Participation) Act 2010 does not apply to remote appearances under this Part
82High Court may order New Zealand proceedings to be heard in Australia
83Australian counsel entitled to practise in High Court
84High Court may set aside subpoena issued in New Zealand proceeding
85Injunctions and orders in New Zealand proceedings
86Issue of subpoenas in New Zealand proceedings
87Powers of Federal Court of Australia
88Issue of subpoenas in Australian proceedings
89Failure of witness to comply with subpoena issued in Australian proceeding
90Federal Court of Australia may administer oaths in New Zealand
91Orders made by Federal Court of Australia not subject to review
92Contempt of Federal Court of Australia
93Arrangements to facilitate sittings
94Privileges and immunities of Judges, counsel, and witnesses in Australian proceedings
95High Court may take evidence at request of Federal Court
96Power to make rules for purposes of this Part
97Transitional provision for certain proceedings commenced before commencement of this Part
9Consequential amendment to Evidence Act 2006
Legislative history
Administrative information

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: