11 Main functions of FENZ


FENZ must carry out the main functions specified in subsection (2).


The main functions are—


to promote fire safety, including providing guidance on the safe use of fire as a land management tool; and


to provide fire prevention, response, and suppression services; and


to stabilise or render safe incidents that involve hazardous substances; and


to provide for the safety of persons and property endangered by incidents involving hazardous substances; and


to rescue persons who are trapped as a result of transport accidents or other incidents; and


to provide urban search and rescue services; and


to efficiently administer this Act.


FENZ must also—


perform and exercise the functions, duties, and powers conferred or imposed on FENZ as a main function by or under this Act and any other enactment; and


perform any other functions conferred on FENZ as a main function by the Minister in accordance with section 112 of the Crown Entities Act 2004.


Subsection (3)(a) is subject to section 12.

Compare: 1975 No 42 s 14