Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Act 2017

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17 When payload permit may be granted


The Minister may grant a payload permit only if the Minister is satisfied that—


the applicant has taken, and will continue to take, all reasonable steps to safely manage the operation of the payload; and


the applicant has an orbital debris mitigation plan that meets any prescribed requirements; and


the proposed operation of the payload or payloads under the permit is consistent with New Zealand’s international obligations; and


the applicant and the proposed operation of the payload or payloads under the permit meet any other prescribed requirements.


The Minister may, despite being satisfied of all the matters in subsection (1), decline to grant a payload permit if the Minister is not satisfied that the proposed operation of a payload under the permit is in the national interest.


In considering the national interest for the purposes of subsection (2), the Minister may have regard to—


economic or other benefits to New Zealand of the proposed operation:


any risks to national security, public safety, international relations, or other national interests:


the extent to which the risks can be mitigated by licence or permit conditions:


any other matters that the Minister considers relevant.


Before granting a payload permit, the Minister must consult the security Ministers in accordance with section 55.


The Minister must not grant a payload permit if a certificate is issued under section 55 in relation to the payload.