Families Package (Income Tax and Benefits) Act 2017

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Families Package (Income Tax and Benefits) Act 2017

Public Act
2017 No 51
Date of assent
20 December 2017
see section 2


3Income Tax Act 2007 amended
4Section GB 44 amended (Arrangements involving tax credits for families)
5Section HR 8 amended (Transitional residents)
6Section MA 1 amended (What this Part does)
7Section MA 5 amended (Advice from outside agencies)
8Section MA 6 amended (Avoidance arrangements)
9Section MA 7 amended (Meaning of full-time earner for family scheme)
10Section MA 8 amended (Some definitions for family scheme)
11Section MB 2 amended (Adjustment for period that is less or more than 1 year)
12Section MC 1 amended (What this subpart does)
13Section MC 5 amended (Third requirement: residence)
14Section MC 6 amended (When person does not qualify)
15Section MC 10 amended (Principal caregiver)
16Section MC 11 amended (Relationship periods and entitlement periods)
17Section MD 11 amended (Entitlement to parental tax credit)
18Section MF 1 amended (Application for payment of tax credit by instalment)
19Section MF 2 amended (When person not entitled to payment by instalment)
20Section MF 4 replaced (Requirements for calculating instalment of tax credit)
MF 4Requirements for calculating instalment of tax credit
21Section MF 7 amended (Orders in Council)
22New subpart MG inserted (Best Start tax credit)
MG 1Best Start tax credit entitlement
MG 2Best Start tax credit
MG 3Best Start credit abatement
MG 4Person receiving protected Best Start tax credit
23Section YA 1 amended (Definitions)
24Tax Administration Act 1994 amended
25Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
26Section 24F amended (Special tax codes)
27Section 41 amended (Annual returns by persons who receive family assistance credit)
28Section 80KB amended (Contents of application)
29Section 80KC amended (When tax file number of child does not accompany application)
30Section 80KD amended (What Commissioner must do on receipt of application)
31Section 80KK amended (Payment by instalment of family tax credit (without abatement))
32Section 80KN amended (Payment of tax credit by chief executive)
33Section 80KO amended (Determining WFF tax credit)
34Section 80KP amended (When entitlement to income-tested benefit ends)
35Section 80KU amended (Payment of tax credit taken over by Commissioner)
36Section 80KV amended (Statement of family scheme income)
37Section 80KW amended (Effect of extra instalment on entitlement to tax credit)
38Section 85I amended (Use of Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987 and parental tax credit information to determine entitlement)
39Section 89C amended (Notices of proposed adjustment required to be issued by Commissioner)
40Section 185 amended (Payment out of Crown Bank Account)
41Schedule 2 of the Housing Restructuring and Tenancy Matters Act 1992 amended (Prescribed elements of calculation mechanism)
42Section 3 of the Social Security Act 1964 amended (Interpretation)
43Section 61G of the Social Security Act 1964 amended (Temporary additional support)
44Clause 13 of the Privacy (Information Sharing Agreement between Inland Revenue and Ministry of Social Development) Order 2017 amended (Procedure before adverse action taken)
45Clause 1 of the Taxation (Abated Interim Payments of subparts MA to MF and MZ Credit) Regulations 2002 amended (Title)
46Taxation (Budget Measures: Family Incomes Package) Act 2017 repealed
47Income Tax Act 2007 amended
48Section MD 3 amended (Calculation of family tax credit)
49Section MD 3 amended (Calculation of family tax credit)
50Section MD 13 amended (Calculation of family credit abatement)
51Section MD 13 amended (Calculation of family credit abatement)
52Section ME 1 amended (Minimum family tax credit)
53Section MF 4D repealed (Calculation of instalments: 1 April 2010 to 30 September 2010)
54Section MF 4E repealed (Calculation of instalments: 1 October 2010 to 31 March 2011)
55New sections MF 4F and MF 4G inserted
MF 4FCalculation of instalments: 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2018
MF 4GCalculation of instalments: 1 July 2018 to 31 March 2019
56Section MF 7 amended (Orders in Council)
57Section MF 7 amended (Orders in Council)
58Taxation (Annual Rates and Budget Measures) Act 2011 amended
59Social Security Act 1964 amended
60Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
61New Part 1KA inserted
61FEWinter energy payment: purpose
61FFWinter energy payment: interpretation
61FGWinter energy payment: eligibility requirements
61FHWinter energy payment: election not to receive
61FIWinter energy payment: instalments, rates, and payment
61FJWinter energy payment: effect of absence of beneficiary from New Zealand
62Section 61H amended (Rates of benefits, etc, may be increased by Order in Council)
63Section 72 amended (Limitation where applicant receiving another benefit or pension)
64Section 81 amended (Review of benefits)
65Section 82 amended (Payment of benefits)
66New Schedule 18A inserted
67New Part 7 of Schedule 32 inserted
68Consequential amendments
69Social Security Act 1964 amended
70Schedule 4 amended
71Social Security Act 1964 amended
72Section 61I amended (Areas for accommodation supplement purposes may be altered by Order in Council)
73Schedule 18 amended
74New Part 6 of Schedule 32 inserted
75Social Security Act 1964 amended
76Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
77Section 61I replaced (Areas for accommodation supplement purposes may be altered by Order in Council)
61IRegulations defining accommodation supplement areas
78Schedule 18 amended
Legislative history
Administrative information

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: