Schedule 8 Customs Appeal Authorities

s 350


1Term of office of Authority
2Suspension or removal
3Oath to be taken by Authority
4Remuneration and travelling expenses
5Appointment of temporary acting Authority
6Validity of appointment not to be questioned in proceedings [Repealed]
7Authority not personally liable
8Registrars of Authorities
9AOrderly and efficient operation
11Commencement of proceedings
12Sittings of Authority
13Nature of appeals
14Grounds of appeal and burden of proof
15Authority may extend time for appeal
16Allocation and notification of hearing
18Procedure at hearing of appeal
19Authority may decide appeal without oral hearing if both parties consent
20Authority may exercise certain District Court powers
21Powers of investigation
22Production of documents
23Power to summon witnesses
24Service of summons
25Protection of persons appearing
26Decision of Authority
27Power to award costs
28Authority may dismiss frivolous or vexatious appeal
28AAuthority may strike out, determine, or adjourn proceeding
29Witnesses’ allowances
30Payment of witnesses’ allowances
30APractice notes
30BOnline publication of information about procedures, time frames, and progress of decisions
31Rights of appeal to High Court
32Notice to Authority
33Appellant’s case must be submitted to Authority
34High Court may return case stated for amendment
35Rights of appeal to Court of Appeal
36Authority may state case for High Court