Family Violence Act 2018

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Special conditions of protection orders

103 Court may impose special conditions


In or after making a protection order, the court may impose any conditions that are reasonably necessary, in the court’s opinion, for 1 or both of the following purposes:


to protect the protected person from further family violence by the respondent, or the associated respondent, or both:


to address the inflicting of family violence against protected people who are particularly vulnerable (for example, due to age, disability, or health condition).


A condition imposed under subsection (1) may (without limiting subsection (1)) relate to—


the manner in which arrangements for access to a child are to be implemented:


the manner and circumstances in which the respondent or the associated respondent, or both, may make contact with the protected person.


The court may under subsection (1) (without limiting subsection (1)) impose, as a condition of a protection order, a condition specifying a person who, for the purposes of sections 90(b), 91 to 95, and 104, is entitled—


to consent on behalf of the protected person; and


to withdraw such consent.


If the court imposes a condition under this section, it may specify the period during which the condition is to have effect.


In the absence of a direction under subsection (4), and subject to section 104, a special condition has effect for the duration of the protection order, unless sooner varied or discharged.

Compare: 1995 No 86 s 27