Crown Minerals Amendment Act 2019

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Crown Minerals Amendment Act 2019

Public Act
2019 No 2
Date of assent
18 February 2019
see section 2


3Principal Act
4Section 8 amended (Restrictions on prospecting or exploring for, or mining, Crown owned minerals)
5Section 19 amended (Issue of minerals programmes)
6Section 28A amended (Declaration that permits not to be issued or extended for specified land for specified period)
7Section 39 amended (Revocation or transfer of permit)
8New sections 41AA to 41AF inserted
41AAMeaning of change of control of permit participant or guarantor
41ABChange of control of permit operator of Tier 1 permit
41ACApplication for consent for change of control
41ADMinister may require information or documents to be supplied
41AEWhen Minister may consent to change of control of permit operator
41AFRevocation of permit if change of control made without consent
9Section 41A amended (Change of control of permit participants)
10Section 41D amended (General provisions relating to transfers, dealings, and changes of permit operator)
11Section 42A amended (Authorisation of geophysical surveys on adjacent land)
12Section 53 amended (Access to land for petroleum)
13Section 54 amended (Access to land for minerals other than petroleum)
14New section 54A inserted (Access to Schedule 4 land)
54AAccess to Schedule 4 land in common marine and coastal area
15Section 57 amended (Meaning of entry on land)
16Section 58 amended (Disputes as to classification of land and activities)
17Section 61 amended (Access arrangements in respect of Crown land and land in common marine and coastal area)
18Section 100 amended (Offences)
19Section 101 amended (Penalties)
20Schedule 1 amended
21Schedule 4 amended
Legislative history
Administrative information

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: