Insolvency Practitioners Regulation Act 2019

4 Overview


In this Act,—


this Part contains preliminary provisions, including purpose and interpretation provisions:


Part 2 relates to the licensing of insolvency practitioners as follows:


subpart 1 requires a person who acts as an insolvency practitioner to hold a licence, and contains provisions relating to licences:


subpart 2 relates to the Registrar prescribing licensing and other matters:


subpart 3 relates to the register of licensed insolvency practitioners:


subpart 4 relates to accredited bodies:


subpart 5 relates to investigations by the Registrar:


subpart 6 relates to overseas practitioners, members of recognised bodies, and members of religious societies and orders:


Part 3 imposes duties and restrictions on licensed insolvency practitioners:


Part 4 contains the following provisions:


subpart 1 relates to solvent company liquidators, and requires a person who acts as a solvent company liquidator to be a licensed insolvency practitioner, a lawyer, a chartered accountant, or a member of a recognised professional body:


subpart 2 contains miscellaneous provisions, including a power for the Registrar to act as an accredited body and an offence provision related to false declarations and representations:


subpart 3 contains regulation-making powers.


This section is intended only as a guide to the general scheme and effect of this Act.