Insolvency Practitioners Regulation Act 2019

30 Contents of register


The register must contain the following information about each licensed insolvency practitioner (to the extent that the information is relevant):


the full name and business address of the insolvency practitioner:


the name of the accredited body that has issued a licence to the insolvency practitioner:


the date of each licence that has been issued to the insolvency practitioner:


the date on which each licence was recorded in the register:


the expiry date of each licence that is currently in force (and whether the licence continues in force under section 13(4)):


the types of insolvency engagements in respect of which the insolvency practitioner is authorised to act under each licence:


the conditions placed on each licence that is currently in force:


details of any suspension or cancellation of a licence that has been issued to the insolvency practitioner or any other action that has been taken on a disciplinary matter against the insolvency practitioner under this Act by an accredited body, a disciplinary body, or the Registrar in the preceding 7 years:


details of any prohibition order made in relation to the insolvency practitioner under section 239ADV or 286 of the Companies Act 1993 or section 37 of the Receiverships Act 1993:


the insolvency practitioner’s firm (if any):


any other prescribed information.


The register may also contain—


information about former licensed insolvency practitioners; and


information about licences that have been cancelled or suspended or have otherwise expired in the last 7 years; and


any other information or documentation that the Registrar considers necessary or desirable for the purposes of the register.


The Registrar must remove from the register information about a former licensed insolvency practitioner contained in the register under subsection (2)(a) if the last licence held by the person was cancelled or expired more than 7 years ago.


The Registrar may, despite subsection (1), omit or remove any information about an insolvency practitioner from the publicly available register if—


the person requests the Registrar to do so on the basis that the information is personal information; and


the Registrar considers that the disclosure of the information on the publicly available register would be likely to prejudice the privacy or personal safety of any person.

Compare: 2011 No 21 s 41