Ngāti Rangi Claims Settlement Act 2019

Subpart 9—Ngāti Rangi membership on Conservation Board

93 Membership of Conservation Board


The Minister of Conservation must appoint 1 person nominated by the trustees to be a member of the Conservation Board.


However, the power to make an appointment under subsection (1), and the term of any appointment, ends on the earlier of—


the last settlement date under legislation settling the historical claims of the Whanganui Iwi whose areas of interest are within the jurisdiction of the Conservation Board; and


the settlement date of any legislation that provides for collective redress relating to the Tongariro National Park, if that legislation proposes to change the membership of the Conservation Board.


The appointment made under subsection (1) is for a term of 3 years and a person may be reappointed under that subsection for 1 or more terms, each of 3 years.


In this section, Conservation Board means the Board established under Part 2A of the Conservation Act 1987 whose area of jurisdiction includes the part of the Ohakune and Ruapehu region within the area of interest.