Contempt of Court Act 2019

Subpart 2—Dealing with disruptive behaviour relating to court proceedings

10 Judicial officer may cite disruptive behaviour


This section applies if a judicial officer believes that any person is—


wilfully disrupting the proceedings of a court; or


wilfully and without lawful excuse disobeying any order or direction of the court in the course of the hearing of any proceedings.


The judicial officer may take 1 or more of the following actions:


order that the person be excluded from the sitting of the court:


cite the person for disruptive behaviour and order that the person be taken into custody and detained until a time no later than the time the court rises for the day.


Any constable or officer of the court, with or without the assistance of any other person, is authorised to execute the order and may take the person into custody or remove the person in accordance with the order.


Any person taken into custody under this section must be dealt with in accordance with the procedure in section 11, which applies for the purpose of this subpart.