Legislation Act 2019

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  • Warning: Some amendments have not yet been incorporated
  • Schedule 4 Part 1: editorial change made, on 24 April 2023, by sections 86(1) and 87(l)(iii) and (iv) and (q) of the Legislation Act 2019 (2019 No 58), and Schedule 3: editorial change made, on 22 May 2023, under sections 86(1), 87(l)(iii) and (o)(iii) of the Legislation Act 2019 (2019 No 58).

Part 2 Interpretation and application of legislation

Purposes and application

8 Purposes of this Part

The purposes of this Part are to—


state principles and rules for the interpretation of legislation:


allow legislation to be simpler, shorter, and more consistent.

Compare: 1999 No 85 s 2