Legislation Act 2019

Key publishing responsibilities

69 PCO must publish all legislation


The PCO must publish—


all introduced Bills (and those amendments to Bills that the Attorney-General directs); and


all Acts; and


all secondary legislation drafted by the PCO; and


minimum legislative information for all secondary legislation drafted by the PCO.


The PCO must also notify the making of that secondary legislation by publishing the information required by regulations in the Gazette.


The PCO may also publish secondary legislation that was not drafted by the PCO as if it were drafted by the PCO. In that case,—


subsections (1)(d) and (2) apply; and


section 71 (how and when legislation must be published by PCO) applies; and


any obligation under any other legislation for the secondary legislation to be published or notified in the Gazette is treated as satisfied.

Compare: 2012 No 119 ss 6(1)(a), (b), 12, 13, 14, 59(1)(c)