Legislation Act 2019

130 Functions of PCO

The functions of the PCO are—


to draft, publish, and consolidate legislation (including, where appropriate, with aids for users and supporting documents) for the purposes of Part 3:


to revise Acts in accordance with the current revision programme (as provided in subpart 3 of Part 3):


to examine all local Bills and private Bills, and those Members’ Bills that the Attorney-General directs be examined, and to report to the Attorney-General on their effect (in particular, on whether they affect the rights of the Crown or the public and on their relationship to other legislation):


to advise departments and agencies on the drafting and publication of secondary legislation that is not drafted by the PCO:


to provide guidance and other support for, and keep under review, practices relating to the design, drafting, and publication of legislation:


to perform any other functions set out in this Act or any other legislation:


to perform the other functions relating to the drafting and publication of legislation that the Attorney-General directs be performed by the PCO.

Compare: 2012 No 119 s 59