Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act 2019

5 Section 3A amended (Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi))

After section 3A(a), insert:


with respect to section 5G (which relates to nominations for the Climate Change Commission), particular attention is required to seeking nominations from iwi and Māori representative organisations:


with respect to section 5H (which relates to appointments of members of the Commission), the Minister must, before recommending the appointment of a member to the Commission, have regard to the need for the Commission to have members who have technical and professional skills, experience, and expertise, and innovative approaches, relevant to the Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi):


with respect to sections 5ZG and 5ZI (which require the Minister to prepare and publish an emissions reduction plan), the Minister must include in a emissions reduction plan a strategy to recognise and mitigate the impacts on iwi and Māori of reducing emissions and must ensure that iwi and Māori have been adequately consulted on the plan:


with respect to section 5ZS (which requires the Minister to prepare a national adaptation plan), the Minister must, in preparing a plan, take into account the economic, social, health, environmental, ecological, and cultural effects of climate change on iwi and Māori: