Regulatory Systems (Economic Development) Amendment Act 2019

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Regulatory Systems (Economic Development) Amendment Act 2019

Public Act
2019 No 62
Date of assent
13 November 2019
see section 2


3Amendments to Building Societies Act 1965
4Section 124 amended (Compulsory cancellation or suspension of registration)
5Amendments to Companies Act 1993
6Section 151 amended (Qualifications of directors)
7Section 367 repealed (Application of Official Information Act 1982 and Privacy Act 1993)
8Section 368 repealed (Appeals from decisions under section 367)
9Section 382 amended (Persons prohibited from managing companies)
10Section 383 amended (Court may disqualify directors)
11Section 391 amended (Service of documents on shareholders and creditors)
12Schedule 1 amended
13Amendments to Continental Shelf Act 1964
14Section 5 amended (Mining for minerals on continental shelf)
15Section 5A amended (Payments and contributions with respect to exploitation of continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles)
16Section 9 amended (Act in force in Cook Islands)
17Amendments to Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003
18Section 4 amended (Overview)
19Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
20Section 9B amended (Interpretation)
21Section 9C amended (Lender responsibility principles)
22Section 9K amended (Publication of costs of borrowing)
23Part 3A heading amended
24Section 83A amended (Outline of Part)
25Section 83B amended (References to credit contracts include security agreements)
26Section 83C amended (Application of Part)
27Section 83L amended (Use of disabling device)
28Section 83M amended (Connection or use of disabling device in connection with certain goods prohibited)
29Section 83ZN amended (Credit contract may not provide for security interest over certain consumer goods)
30Section 83ZO amended (Contravening provision of no effect)
31Section 99B amended (Enforcement prohibited if creditor unregistered)
32Section 102A amended (Infringement offences)
33Section 103 amended (Other offences)
34Schedule 1AA amended
35Consequential amendment to other enactment
36Amendments to Fair Trading Act 1986
37Section 30 amended (Compliance with product safety standards)
38Amendment to Financial Reporting Act 2013
39Section 20 amended (Auditing and assurance standards)
40Amendments to Geographical Indications (Wine and Spirits) Registration Act 2006
41Section 7 amended (What is registered geographical indication?)
42Section 42 amended (Register)
43Section 45 amended (Removal from register)
44Section 45A amended (Notice of proposed removal)
45Section 47A replaced (Renewal of registration)
47ARenewal of registration
46Section 47B amended (Notice of pending expiration of registration of geographical indication)
47Sections 47C and 47D and cross-heading replaced
47CProcedure if registration not renewed
47DEffect of registered-past expiry date status
48Consequential amendments to other enactment
49Amendments to Insolvency Act 2006
50Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
51Section 6 amended (Corporations and other entities not subject to Act)
52Section 8 amended (Alternatives to bankruptcy)
53Section 41 amended (Order that disposition or proposal not act of bankruptcy)
54Section 67 amended (Bankrupt must file statement of affairs with Assignee)
55Section 149 amended (Prohibition of bankrupt entering business)
56Sections 158 and 159 replaced
158Bankrupt may retain certain assets
57Section 160 amended (Retention of assets does not affect rights under charge or hire purchase agreement)
58Section 161 repealed (Retention provisions do not confer rights to other assets)
59Section 162 amended (Relative or dependant may exercise bankrupt’s right to retain assets)
60Section 164 amended (Assignee may allow bankrupt to retain money)
61Section 165 amended (Assignee may summon bankrupt and others to be examined)
62Section 171 amended (Assignee may obtain documents)
63Section 178 amended (Record of examination)
64Section 193 amended (Extension of 2 years and 6 months periods)
65Section 282 replaced (Definition of undistributed money)
282Definition of undistributed money
66Section 286 replaced (Application of undistributed money held in bankruptcy surplus account)
286Application of undistributed money held in bankruptcy surplus account
67New section 290A inserted (Automatic discharge of bankrupts who die before filing statement of affairs)
290AAutomatic discharge of bankrupts who die before filing statement of affairs
68Part 5 heading amended
69Subpart 3 heading in Part 5 replaced
70Section 340 replaced (Summary instalment order)
340Debt repayment order
71Section 341 amended (Who may apply for order)
72Section 342 amended (Form of application)
73Section 343 replaced (Assignee may make summary instalment order)
343Assignee may make debt repayment order
74Section 345 amended (Appointment of supervisor)
75Section 346 amended (Role of supervisor)
76Section 349 amended (Period of instalments)
77Section 350 amended (Variation or cancellation of order by Assignee on application from debtor, creditor, or supervisor)
78Section 350A replaced (Cancellation of order by Assignee without application)
350ACancellation of order by Assignee without application
79Section 351 amended (Effect of order)
80Section 352 amended (Proceedings against debtor)
81Section 353 amended (Supervisor must give notice of summary instalment order to creditors)
82Section 354 amended (Public register of debtors subject to current summary instalment order)
83Section 355 amended (Meaning of current summary instalment order)
84Section 356 amended (Creditor’s claim)
85Section 357 amended (Payment of debtor’s earnings to supervisor)
86Section 358 replaced (Distribution of money paid by debtor)
358Distribution of money paid by debtor
358ADischarge of debtor after distribution made
358BEffect of discharge
358CDischarge does not release partners and others
87Section 359 amended (Default by debtor)
88Section 360 amended (Offence of obtaining credit)
89Section 363 amended (Criteria for entry to no asset procedure)
90Section 374 replaced (Assignee may apply for preservation order)
374Assignee may apply for preservation order
91New sections 377C to 377E inserted
377CCourt may reverse cancellation of debtor’s debts
377DGrounds for reversing cancellation of debts
377EEffect of reversal of cancellation of debts
92Section 441 amended (Regulations)
93Section 448 amended (Purposes of public registers)
94Section 449 amended (General information that must be held in public registers)
95Section 453 amended (Search criteria)
96Section 454 amended (Search purposes)
97Consequential amendments to other enactments
98Schedule 1AA amended
99Amendments to Limited Partnerships Act 2008
100Section 8 amended (Requirements for limited partnership)
101Section 19A amended (Qualifications of general partners: natural persons)
102Section 52 amended (Application for registration)
103Section 101 amended (Restoration to register of limited partnerships)
104Consequential amendment to other enactment
105Amendments to Personal Property Securities Act 1999
106Section 139 amended (Personal property securities register)
107Section 140 amended (Contents of register)
108Section 142 amended (Data required to register financing statement)
109Section 172 amended (Search criteria)
110Consequential amendment to other enactment
111Amendments to Plant Variety Rights Act 1987
112Section 5 amended (Applications)
113Section 35 amended (Service of notices, etc)
114Consequential amendment to other enactment
115Amendments to Takeovers Act 1993
116Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
117Section 2A amended (Meaning of code company)
118New section 2AB inserted (Extended meaning of code company for purpose of completing code-regulated transactions)
2ABExtended meaning of code company for purpose of completing code-regulated transactions
119Schedule 1AA amended
120Consequential revocation of Takeovers Code (Small Code Companies) Exemption Notice 2016
121Consequential amendments to other enactment
122Amendments to Trade Marks Act 2002
123Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
124New section 7A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
7ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
125New section 13A inserted (Trade mark not registrable if related certification trade mark owned)
13ATrade mark not registrable if related certification trade mark owned
126Section 14 amended (Additional provisions that relate to registrability of certification trade marks)
127Section 53 replaced (Reissuing certificate of registration)
53Replacement of certificate of registration
128Sections 59, 60, and 60A replaced
59Procedure for renewal of registration
60Effect of registered-past expiry date status
129Section 65 amended (Application for revocation of registration of trade mark)
130Section 66 amended (Grounds for revoking registration of trade mark)
131Section 68 amended (Revocation of registration of trade mark)
132Section 167 replaced (Security for costs)
167Commissioner or court may require security for costs
133Section 182 amended (Contents of register)
134Section 191 repealed (Declarations, etc, on behalf of certain persons)
135New Schedule 1AA inserted
136Consequential amendments to other enactment
137Amendments to Weights and Measures Act 1987
138Section 28 amended (Powers of Inspectors)
139Section 32 amended (Offences)
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