End of Life Choice Act 2019

27 Registrar (assisted dying)


The Director-General must nominate an employee of the Ministry as the Registrar (assisted dying).


The Registrar must establish and maintain a register recording the following:


approved forms held by the Registrar; and


the Review Committee’s reports to the Registrar; and


the Registrar’s reports to the Minister.


The Registrar must consult the Privacy Commissioner—


before establishing the register; and


at regular intervals while maintaining the register.


If the Registrar receives a complaint about the appropriateness of the conduct of any health practitioner under this Act that the Registrar considers relates to a matter within the jurisdiction of any of the following persons, the Registrar must refer the complaint to that person:


the Health and Disability Commissioner, if it appears that the complaint alleges that the conduct of the health practitioner is, or appears to be, in breach of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights; or


the appropriate authority, if it appears that the complaint relates to a health practitioner’s competence, fitness to practise, or conduct; or


the New Zealand Police.


If the Registrar does not refer a complaint under subsection (4), the Registrar must notify the complainant of that fact and of the reason why a referral was not made.


The Registrar must take any action directed by the Review Committee under section 26(2)(c).


The Registrar must report to the Minister by the end of 30 June each year on the following matters for the year:


the total number of deaths occurring under section 20:


the number of deaths occurring through each of the methods described in section 19(2)(a):


the number of complaints received about breaches of this Act:


how those complaints were dealt with:


any other matter relating to the operation of this Act that the Registrar thinks appropriate.


The Registrar must perform any other functions that this Act requires the Registrar to perform.