End of Life Choice Act 2019

18 Eligible person to choose date and time for administration of medication


If an eligible person wishes to receive assisted dying, the person must—


complete the approved form referred to in section 17(2)(d); and


return the completed form to the attending medical practitioner.


After receiving the completed form, the attending medical practitioner must send the form to the Registrar.


Each time (if any) that an eligible person decides under section 17 or 20 to receive the medication on a date later than the date initially chosen and specified in the approved form referred to in section 17(2)(d),—


the eligible person must complete a new approved form to replace the form initially or most recently completed under section 17(2)(d) (a replacement form); and


references in sections 19 and 20 to the date chosen or chosen time are references to the date and time chosen in the replacement form.