COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020

Information requirements in notices of requirement for listed projects and referred projects

13 Information required in notices of requirement


A notice of requirement for a listed project or in a referred project must include the following information:


a description of the site to which the notice of requirement applies; and


information on the effects of the proposed project or work on the environment, together with a description of how any adverse effects will be mitigated; and


confirmation that the notice of requirement complies with clause 3(1); and


an assessment of the project or work against—


Part 2 of the Resource Management Act 1991 and the purpose of this Act; and


any relevant provisions in any of the documents listed in subclause (4); and


information about any Treaty settlements that apply in the project area, including—


the identification of the relevant provisions in those Treaty settlements; and


a summary of any redress provided by those settlements that affects natural and physical resources relevant to the project or project area; and


the full name and address of —


each owner of the land to which the notice of requirement relates and of the land adjacent to that land; and


each person who, after reasonable inquiry, is known by the requiring authority to be an occupier of the land to which the notice relates and of the land adjacent to that land; and


an assessment of whether the project or work and the designation sought are reasonably necessary for achieving the objectives of the requiring authority; and


any consideration of alternative sites, routes, or methods of undertaking the project or work; and


a list of the resource consents needed for the project or work and whether these have been applied for; and


a description of any consultation undertaken with parties likely to be affected by the project or work and the designation; and


a cultural impact assessment prepared by or on behalf of the relevant iwi authority; and


if a cultural assessment is not provided, a statement of the reasons (if any) given by the relevant iwi authority as to why an assessment is not being provided; and


any conditions that the requiring authority proposes for the designation.


In the case of a referred project, a notice of requirement must also include all the additional information required by the relevant referral order.


The information required by this clause must be provided in sufficient detail to correspond to the scale and significance of the effects that the activity may have on the environment, taking into account any proposal by the requiring authority to manage the adverse effects of the activity through conditions, including conditions requiring the preparation of a management plan.


The documents referred to in subclause (1)(d)(ii) are the following:


a national policy statement:


a New Zealand coastal policy statement:


a regional policy statement or proposed regional policy statement:


a plan or proposed plan:


a planning document recognised by a relevant iwi authority and lodged with a local authority.