Education and Training Act 2020

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74 How enrolment schemes work


A person who lives in the home zone of a State school that has an enrolment scheme is entitled to enrol at that school.


An applicant for enrolment at a school with an enrolment scheme who lives outside the school’s home zone is entitled to enrol at the school only—


if the applicant is offered a place at the school in accordance with the procedure set out in the enrolment scheme; or


if the Secretary has agreed or directed under section 37, or directed under section 76, 82, or 87 or clause 14 of Schedule 20, or directed in accordance with regulations made under this Act, that the student be enrolled at the school; or


if all of the following apply:


the student has been excluded or expelled from another school (school A); and


the principal of the school at which the student wishes to enrol agrees, by arrangement with the principal of school A, to enrol the student; and


the Secretary endorses the proposal.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 11D