53 Courses, work experience, and visits outside school premises


A board may authorise any students to undertake courses of education, gain work experience, or make visits outside the school premises.


If authorisation is given, the student must be treated as attending the school while undertaking the course, gaining the experience, or making the visit.


A principal, a teacher, or an occupier of a workplace may not allow a student to go into, or remain in, a workplace to gain work experience except in accordance with any conditions prescribed by the Minister by notice in the Gazette.


A student who is in any workplace to gain work experience is to be treated as being employed by the workplace, and every enactment and collective agreement (to the extent that it relates to the health, safety, and welfare of workers) applies to the student and the occupier of the workplace accordingly.


However, subsection (4) does not—


entitle a student to be paid; or


require a student to join or belong to a union; or


entitle a student to enter or remain in a workplace; or


require any person to pay a levy, fee, or charge of any kind.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 71