Mandatory reporting

489 Mandatory reporting of dismissals and resignations


When an employer dismisses a teacher for any reason, the employer must immediately report the dismissal to the Teaching Council.


If, within the 12 months before the resignation of a teacher from a teaching position (including a fixed-term position) or the expiry of the term of a teacher’s fixed-term position, the teacher’s employer had advised the teacher that it was dissatisfied with, or intended to investigate, any aspect of the teacher’s conduct, or the teacher’s competence, the employer must, immediately after the resignation or expiry, report it to the Teaching Council.


A report must be in writing and must include,—


for a dismissal, the reason for the dismissal; and


for a resignation or an expiry,—


a description of the conduct or competence issues that the employer was concerned about; and


a report of what action (if any) the employer took with respect to the issues.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 392