457 Fees


NZQA may—


charge fees to any person or institution for any of the following:


programme approval:


training scheme approval:




consent to assess against standards:


approval to list qualifications on the Qualifications Framework:


approval to list standards in the Directory of Assessment Standards:


registration of a private training establishment:


approval to be a standard-setting body:


consent to award a degree:


consent for the use by a registered establishment of certain terms in its name:


reporting credits for the purposes of rules made under section 452(1)(r) and (s):


charge fees to any person or institution for any services provided by NZQA, including fees in relation to sitting an examination conducted by NZQA, to the making of any assessment by NZQA, or to the granting to any person of an award certifying that the person had passed the examination or been so assessed:


charge fees to any person or institution for any quality assurance activities undertaken by NZQA.


A fee may not be charged under subsection (1)(b) to a person who is a student at a relevant school unless the Minister has consented to the charging of the fee.


All fees that are to be charged under subsection (1) must be—


published on an Internet site maintained by or on behalf of NZQA; and


made available in printed form for purchase at a reasonable price on request by members of the public.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 254