Subpart 3—Education Review Office

462 Education services to which this subpart applies


This subpart applies to every education service (other than a service provided only to or for people over 16 years who are not enrolled at a State school)—


that is provided by an organisation that is—


owned or operated by the Crown; or


forbidden by law to provide that service (or a service of that kind) unless it holds a licence, permit, or other authority issued by or on behalf of the Crown; or


whose provision is (wholly or partly)—


funded by money appropriated by Parliament; or


regulated by or under statute.


Sections 466 to 469 apply in relation to education services provided to persons who are exempted from the requirements of section 35; and, for the purposes of this subsection and sections 466 to 469, education service is to be construed in that context, and the meaning it has in the definition of applicable service in section 10(1) does not apply.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 324