Schedule 6 State integrated schools

ss 10(1), (9)(a), 161(2)(b), 162(5), 163(6), 199(9), 211(2), 212


1Preservation of special character of State integrated schools
2Application to negotiate integration
3Applications relating to proposed schools
4Negotiation of integration agreements
5Integration agreements
6Other matters that may be included in integration agreements
7Integration agreements: machinery matters
8Effective date of integration agreement
9Notification of integration agreement
10Minister may require information to be provided
11Cancellation of integration agreement
12Cancellation by Minister
13Cancellation by proprietor
14Cancellation by agreement between parties
16Closure of State integrated school
17Notification of cancellation or of closing of State integrated school
18Disposal of assets on cancellation of integration agreement or closing of State integrated school
19Repayment of moneys advanced
20Moneys to be paid into Crown Bank Account
21Certain assets remain vested in proprietors
22Restriction on cancellation of integration agreement or closure of State integrated schools
24Administration of State integrated schools
25Free education
26Preference of enrolment
27Participation in general school programmes
28Instruction of students
29Religious instruction and observances
30Attendance dues
31Withdrawal and reinstatement of right to charge attendance dues
32Failure to pay attendance dues
33Accounts for attendance dues
34Financial contributions
35Restrictions on fund-raising
36Accounts of money raised under clause 34
38Use of school office
39Powers and responsibilities of proprietors
40Decision-making criteria for proprietors
41Consequences of failure to arrange insurance
42Proprietors not to question curriculum or teaching methods
43Leases of land
44Assistance to proprietors
45Proprietors unable to meet obligations
46Requirements in respect of appointments of teachers
47Religious instruction: appointments to special positions relating to character of State integrated school
48Effect of religious instruction requirements in advertisements
49Restrictions on requirement for teacher to take part in religious instruction
50Other special positions
51Selection for appointment
52Requirements in respect of appointments
53Employment for special purposes
54Appointment of teachers on integration
55Other employees
56No compensation for termination of employment
57Grants to private schools before integration
58Relationship between this schedule and other Parts of Act and other enactments