83 Powers of State school board when suspended students aged 16 years or over


If a student aged 16 years or over has been suspended from a State school, the school’s board may—


lift the suspension before it expires, either unconditionally or subject to any reasonable conditions it wants to make; or


extend the suspension conditionally for a reasonable period determined by the board when extending the suspension, in which case subsection (2) applies; or


expel the student.


If the board extends a suspension conditionally, the board must impose reasonable conditions aimed at facilitating the return of the student to school, and must take steps to facilitate the return of the student to school.


If a student fails to comply with any condition imposed under this section in respect of the lifting or extension of their suspension, the principal may request the board to reconsider the action it took under this section.


If subsection (3) applies, the board may confirm or reverse its earlier decisions or may modify its earlier decisions by taking any action specified in subsection (1).


If the board has not sooner lifted or extended it or expelled the student under subsection (1)(c), the suspension of the student ceases to have effect—


at the close of the seventh school day after the day of the suspension; or


if the suspension occurs within 7 school days before the end of a term, at the close of the tenth calendar day after the day of the suspension.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 17