Education and Training Act 2020

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626 Powers of entry and inspection without warrant


A person authorised under subsection (3) may, for the purpose of ensuring that the provisions of this Act and any regulations made under this Act, or the conditions of any licence, certificate, or grant issued or made under any of those provisions, are being complied with, or for the purpose of conducting any audit, at any reasonable time, do all or any of the following:


enter and inspect—


any premises that—


are or contain a licensed early childhood education and care centre; or


are used to provide a licensed home-based education and care service (whether or not used as a home by the person providing the service); or


are used to provide a licensed hospital-based education and care service; or


are used by a certified playgroup:


any offices of a service provider that are related to those premises:


inspect, photocopy, print, or copy onto a storage device any documents (whether held in electronic or paper form) that the person believes on reasonable grounds to be those of the licensed early childhood service or certified playgroup:


remove any document described in paragraph (b), whether in its original form or as an electronic or a paper copy.


If any documents are removed from premises under subsection (1)(c), the person who removes them must—


leave at the premises a list of the documents removed; and


return the documents, or a copy of them, to the premises as soon as practicable, unless to do so would prejudice any investigation being or to be carried out by the Ministry.


The Secretary may authorise in writing any person who, in the Secretary’s opinion, is suitably qualified and trained in the exercise of powers under subsection (1) to exercise those powers.


An authorisation under subsection (3) must contain—


a reference to this section; and


the full name of the person authorised; and


a statement of the powers conferred on that person by this section.


A person exercising any power under subsection (1) must have the appropriate written authorisation and evidence of identity, and must produce them to the person in charge of the premises concerned (or the person having possession or control of the documents concerned)—


on first entering the premises; and


whenever subsequently reasonably required to do so by the person in charge.


For the purposes of this section and section 627, inspection, in relation to any premises, includes observing any children present there.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 319B