Subpart 5—Information and reporting

619 Secretary may require information for administration of Act


The Secretary may, by written notice that complies with subsection (2), require any of the following individuals or bodies to provide information:


the board of a State school:


the service provider who operates any licensed early childhood service or any certified playgroup:


the managers of a private school.


The notice must specify the information required and the date by which it must be provided to the Secretary.


The individual or body must provide the information in writing by the date specified in the notice.


Information that identifies individuals may be used only for the following purposes:


statistical purposes:


ensuring that institutions and students receive relevant resourcing:


monitoring and ensuring student rights in respect of enrolment and attendance.


For the purposes of registering or inspecting private schools, information required under subsection (1) is relevant to determining whether a school meets the criteria for registration as a private school.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 144A