Education and Training Act 2020

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Strategic planning and reporting

138 School strategic plan and annual implementation plan


A board must have the following strategic planning documents for its school:


a strategic plan, for each 3-year period or for a shorter period determined by the Secretary, that sets out the board’s strategy for achieving (or making progress towards achieving) its objectives during that period; and


an annual implementation plan for each year that sets out how the board intends to implement that strategy during the year.


A board must prepare its first strategic plan and annual implementation plan when required by regulations made under section 639 to do so.


If, at the commencement of this section, a board has a charter in effect for the 2022 year, the charter is to be treated as the board’s first strategic plan.


If a board’s strategic plan is its 2022 school charter, the statement of variance is not required to include a comparison with an annual implementation plan.


However, a board with a 2022 school charter as its strategic plan must continue to update the annually updated sections of its charter until its first annual implementation plan is required under regulations made under section 639.


The annually updated sections of a 2022 school charter must be updated no later than a date fixed by the Secretary.

Compare: 2017 No 20 s 158