Education and Training Act 2020

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424 Criteria for assessing proposed plans


TEC must prescribe and give public notice of the criteria that TEC is to use to assess proposed plans to determine if they are to receive funding approval.


The prescribed criteria must include (without limitation) criteria for assessing—


how an organisation contributes to the Government’s current and medium-term priorities described in the tertiary education strategy; and


the tertiary education programmes and activities of an organisation in relation to which funding is sought under section 425; and


the performance indicators used in measuring whether the specified outcomes relating to those tertiary education programmes and activities are being or have been achieved; and


the extent and nature of an organisation’s consultation over its proposed plan.


When prescribing matters under subsection (1), TEC may include standard criteria, as well as different criteria applying to different organisations, types of organisation, or groups of organisations.


Notices given under subsection (1) may be—


given at different times; and


amended by TEC.


TEC must give public notice of a significant amendment made under subsection (4)(b).

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 159Y