COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Act (No 2) 2020

1 Title

This Act is the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Act (No 2) 2020.

2 Commencement

This Act comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

3 Principal Act

This Act amends the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 (the principal Act).

Part 1 Amendment to Part 1 of principal Act

4 Section 5 amended (Interpretation)

In section 5(1), replace the definition of Minister with:

Minister means the Minister who, under the authority of any warrant or with the authority of the Prime Minister, is responsible for the administration of this Act

Part 2 Amendments to Part 2 of principal Act

5 Section 9 amended (Minister may make COVID-19 orders)

Replace section 9(1)(c) with:


the Minister—


must have consulted the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, and the Minister of Health; and


may have consulted any other Minister that the Minister (as defined in this Act) thinks fit; and

6 Section 14 amended (Form, publication, and duration of COVID-19 orders)

Replace section 14(3) with:


However, the Minister or Director-General (as the case may be) need not comply with the 48-hour time limit in subsection (2) if satisfied that—


the order should come into force urgently to prevent or contain the outbreak or spread of COVID-19 (but in that case must comply with subsection (2)(a) and (b) as soon as practicable); or


the effect of the order is only to remove or reduce requirements imposed by a COVID-19 order.

7 Section 33A amended (Regulations relating to cost recovery)

In section 33A(1), replace “the Minister of Health” with “the Minister (as defined in this Act)”.

Legislative history

1 December 2020

Introduction (Bill 3–1), first reading, second reading, third reading

7 December 2020

Royal assent

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Health.