Regulatory Systems (Transport) Amendment Act 2021

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Regulatory Systems (Transport) Amendment Act 2021

Public Act
2021 No 9
Date of assent
30 March 2021
see section 2


3Amendments to Land Transport Act 1998
4Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
5Section 30ZA amended (Agency may grant exemptions or approve alternative fatigue management schemes)
6Section 106 amended (General right of appeal to District Court)
7Section 123 amended (Enforcement officer may seize and impound vehicle for up to 7 days in relation to certain offences)
8Section 157 amended (Rules concerning roads)
9Sections 166 and 166A repealed
10Section 167 amended (Regulations)
11Section 168AAA amended (Regulations relating to register of land transport records)
12New sections 168D to 168I and cross-headings inserted
168DDirector may grant exemptions
168EGeneral provisions relating to exemptions
168FRegulations or rules may provide for transport instruments
168GAgency, Director, or Secretary may make transport instruments
168HProcedures relating to transport instruments
168IIncorporation of material in transport instruments
13Section 200B amended (Secondary legislation may require creation of land transport record)
14Sections 200C and 200D repealed
15Section 200F amended (Purpose of register)
16Section 200G repealed (When Registrar must create land transport record)
17Section 200H amended (Effect of land transport record)
18Section 200N amended (Registrar may notify record or changes to register)
19Section 200O replaced (Certified copy of information on register)
200OEvidentiary effect of information on register
20Section 222 amended (Saving of certain land transport documents)
21Schedule 1 amended
22Amendments to Maritime Security Act 2004
23New sections 6A and 6B inserted
6AAct is maritime Act
6BTransitional, savings, and related provisions
24Section 64 amended (Right of appeal to District Court)
25Section 76 amended (Regulations)
26Section 77 replaced (Exemptions from regulations)
77Exemptions from regulations
27Section 81 amended (Consequential amendments)
28Schedule amended
29New Schedule 1AA inserted
30Amendments to Maritime Transport Act 1994
31Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
32Section 33B amended (Interpretation)
33New sections 40AA to 40AC and cross-heading inserted
40AADirector may grant exemptions from maritime rules
40ABGeneral provisions relating to exemptions
40ACAppeal against decision on exemption under section 40AA(1)(a)
34Section 47 repealed (Exemption)
35Section 67B amended (Other offences)
36Section 191 amended (Maritime levies)
37Section 201 amended (Regulations)
38Section 206 repealed (Dispensing powers of Director)
39Section 394 amended (Regulations)
40Section 395 replaced (Exemptions)
395Director may grant exemptions from marine protection rules
395AAppeal against decision on exemption under section 395(1)(a)
41Section 429A amended (Membership of Authority)
42Section 443 amended (Delegation of Director’s functions or powers to employees of Authority)
43Section 444 amended (Delegation of Director’s functions or powers to persons outside Authority)
44Section 451 amended (Further general provisions in respect of rules)
45New sections 452A to 452D and cross-heading inserted
452ARegulations or rules may provide for transport instruments
452BSpecified person may make transport instruments
452CProcedures relating to transport instruments
452DIncorporation of material in transport instruments
46Schedule 1AA amended
47Amendments to Railways Act 2005
48New section 6A inserted (Act is land transport Act)
6AAct is land transport Act
49Section 57 amended (General provisions concerning making of rules)
50New section 57A inserted (Exemptions from requirements in rules)
57AExemptions from requirements in rules
51Section 59 amended (Regulations)
52New section 60A inserted (Exemptions from requirements in regulations)
60AExemptions from requirements in regulations
53Section 68 amended (Appeal to District Court)
54Schedule 1AA amended
55Amendment to Civil Aviation Act 1990
56Amendment to Government Roading Powers Act 1989
57Amendments to Land Transport Management Act 2003
58Amendment to Port Companies Act 1988
59Amendment to Road User Charges Act 2012
60Amendment to Ship Registration Act 1992
61Amendment to Shipping Act 1987
62Amendment to Submarine Cables and Pipelines Protection Act 1996
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