District Court (Protection of Judgment Debtors with Disabilities) Amendment Act 2021

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

District Court (Protection of Judgment Debtors with Disabilities) Amendment Act 2021

Public Act
2021 No 27
Date of assent
5 July 2021
see section 2

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows:

1 Title

This Act is the District Court (Protection of Judgment Debtors with Disabilities) Amendment Act 2021.

2 Commencement

This Act comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

3 Principal Act

This Act amends the District Court Act 2016 (the principal Act).

4 Section 167 amended (Warrant to seize property)


After section 167(2)(a)(ii), insert:


if the judgment debtor is a disabled person or is a principal caregiver for a disabled person, any item that is necessary for the care, support, or independence of, or to promote the inclusion and participation in society of, the judgment debtor who is the disabled person or, as the case may be, the disabled person for whom the judgment debtor is the principal caregiver (for example, without limitation, any mobility device, specially adapted motor vehicle, or medical equipment); and


After section 167(4), insert:


In this section,—

disabled person includes a person who has long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments that, in interaction with various barriers, may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others

mobility device has the same meaning as in section 2(1) of the Land Transport Act 1998.

5 Section 168 amended (Immobilisation of motor vehicles)

After section 168(2), insert:


A motor vehicle to which section 167(2)(a)(iii) applies may not be immobilised under this section.

Legislative history

18 June 2020

Introduction (Bill 284–1)

21 July 2020

First reading and referral to Justice Committee

12 April 2021

Reported from Justice Committee (Bill 284–2)

12 May 2021

Second reading

9 June 2021

Committee of the whole House

30 June 2021

Third reading

5 July 2021

Royal assent

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Justice.