Incorporated Societies Act 2022

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Access to information for members

80 Information for members


A member may at any time make a written request to a society for information held by the society.


The request must specify the information sought in sufficient detail to enable it to be identified.


The society must, within a reasonable time after receiving a request,—


provide the information; or


agree to provide the information within a specified period; or


agree to provide the information within a specified period if the member pays a reasonable charge to the society (which must be specified and explained) to meet the cost of providing the information; or


refuse to provide the information, specifying the reasons for the refusal.


Nothing in this section or section 81 or 82 limits information privacy principle 6 set out in section 22 of the Privacy Act 2020.

Compare: 1993 No 105 s 178(1)–(3)