Incorporated Societies Act 2022

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83 Court orders relating to information


A court may, on the application of a member who has made a request for information under section 80, make an order under this section if it is satisfied that—


the period specified for providing the information is unreasonable; or


the charge set by the society is unreasonable; or


the society does not have sufficient reason to refuse to supply the information; or


the society has sufficient reason to refuse to supply the information but other reasons exist that outweigh the refusal.


The order is an order requiring the society to supply the information within the time or on payment of the charge that the court thinks fit.


The court may also specify in the order—


the use that may be made of the information; and


the persons to whom it may be disclosed.


The court may make an order for the payment of costs that it thinks fit.

Compare: 1993 No 105 s 178(6)–(9)