United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement Legislation Act 2022

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United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement Legislation Act 2022

Public Act
2022 No 59
Date of assent
15 November 2022
see section 2


3Principal Act
4Section 174B replaced (Consent required for making sound recording available to public)
174BConsent required to communicate or play sound recording to public
5Principal Act
6Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
7Section 26 amended (Later allocation of export licences)
8New section 26A inserted (Commencement and expiry of UK quotas)
26ACommencement and expiry of UK quotas
9Section 29H amended (Power to audit milk collection data)
10Section 31 amended (Offences)
11Schedule 5A amended
12Schedule 5B amended
13Principal Act
14Section 61A amended (Regulations regarding alternative monetary thresholds for overseas investments in significant business assets)
15Principal regulations
16Regulation 84 amended (Introduction to Part 5)
17Regulation 85 amended (Definitions)
18Subpart 2 heading in Part 5 replaced
19Regulation 88 amended (Introduction to subpart 2 and interaction between regulations in Part 5)
20Schedule 1AA amended
21Principal Act
22Section 15A amended (Interpretation)
23Section 15H amended (Provisional transitional safeguard measure)
24Principal legislation
25Note 2 amended
26Note 3 amended
27Footnotes amended
28Section XVI amended
29Part II Concessions amended
30Principal regulations
31Regulation 42 and cross-heading revoked
32New regulations 51ZZK and 51ZZL and cross-heading inserted
51ZZLOriginating goods
Legislative history
Administrative information

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