Immigration Bill

  • enacted

Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman

Immigration Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House


Eligibility to be in or enter New Zealand

Excluded persons

Persons unlawfully in New Zealand

Immigration instructions

Processing claims and applications for visas and entry permission

Reasons for decisions

Automated decision making and biometric information

Reliance on classified information in decision making

Visa conditions

General rules relating to visas

Waiver of requirement for visa permitting travel to New Zealand in certain cases

Residence class visas

Temporary entry class visas: provisions applying to all types

Temporary entry class visas: provisions applying to temporary visas

Temporary entry class visas: provisions applying to interim visas

Temporary entry class visas: provisions applying to limited visas

Transit visas

Invitation to apply for visa

Advance passenger processing

Obligations in relation to craft coming to New Zealand

Obligations on persons arriving in New Zealand

Entry permission

Turnaround provisions

Obligations in relation to departure from New Zealand

Special provision for emergencies, etc

Protection for carriers, and persons in charge, of craft

Claims for recognition as refugee or protected person

Cessation or cancellation of recognition

Miscellaneous matters

Liability for deportation

Notification of liability for deportation

Cancellation or suspension of deportation liability


Limited right of reconsideration concerning temporary entry class visas

Limited right of review in respect of temporary entry class visa decisions

Appeals in relation to residence class visas

No appeal or review rights in relation to invitations to apply and transit visas

Appeals against decisions relating to refugee or protection status

Appeal on facts against liability for deportation

Appeal on humanitarian grounds against liability for deportation

Orders on determination of appeal

Immigration and Protection Tribunal

Procedure for appeals and matters

Special procedure where classified information involved

Appeal from Tribunal and judicial review

General provisions relating to proceedings involving classified information

Special advocates

Power to access address information

Powers of entry, inspection, etc

Power to require production of documents, etc

Powers at border

Powers relating to deportation and turnaround

Powers generally

Disclosure of information to or by other agencies, bodies, or persons

Arrest and detention

Warrants of commitment

Applications under this Part involving classified information

Duties of detaining officers

Form of custody

Delivery of person for purpose of deportation

Special provision where epidemic management notice in force



Infringement offences for carriers, or persons in charge, of craft

Evidence in proceedings

Procedural provisions relating to offences

Matters relating to immigration status of persons born in New Zealand


Special directions

Delegation of Minister's powers

Matters relating to chief executive

Endorsement of New Zealand citizenship in foreign passports

Responsibilities of certain operators of airports and ports

Notice requirements and addresses for communications

Immigration officers and refugee and protection officers

Relationship between this Act and Human Rights Act 1993

Fees, bonds, levies, etc


Government immigration and residence policy

General instructions of chief executive

Existing applications, expressions of interest, and invitations

Existing visas and permits

Arrivals and departures

Refugee and protection status

Turnaround, revocation of permits, removal, deportation, and monitoring

Persons subject to Part 4A of former Act

Detention and monitoring


Appeals and other matters in relation to appellate bodies

Disclosure of immigration information to other agencies, bodies, or persons

Offences, evidence, and classified information

Miscellaneous provisions

Exercise of certain powers and functions before commencement of certain provisions of this Act

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: