Public Health Bill

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Hon David Cunliffe

Public Health Bill

Government Bill



Functions of Director-General

Annual report on state of public health

Health protection officers and medical officers of health

Health districts

Responsibility for public health in certain areas

Appointing or acting as medical officer of health

Functions of Director of Public Health

Operation of NCSP

Duties to provide information to women and to NCSP

Review of NCSP and duty of Director-General to report

Screening programme evaluators

Duties to provide information to screening programme evaluators



Overarching principles

Role of District Courts

Kinds of direction that may be given

General provisions concerning directions

Compliance with directions

Urgent health risk orders

General provisions concerning orders by Court

Health risk orders

Medical examination orders and orders concerning contacts

General provisions concerning orders

Jurisdiction of District Court

Application for residence order

Duration, further applications, and appeals


Purpose of subpart

Counselling contacts of individual with condition to which this Part applies

Medical officer of health may step in if territorial authority’s response unsatisfactory

Permitted activities

Reviews and appeals

Appointment of assessors

Directory of assessors

Functions, duties, and powers of assessors

Replacement of assessors

Regulations relating to assessors


Departure of persons and craft from New Zealand


Health impact assessments

General powers of entry and inspection

Examination of children

Compliance orders

Incorporation by reference

General provisions about search warrants

General provisions about entry and search powers


Service of documents

Offences generally

Regulations about public health generally

Transitional provisions

Related amendments to other enactments

Repeals and consequential amendments

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: