Policing Bill

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Hon Annette King

Policing Bill

Government Bill



Appointment of Police employees

Standards of behaviour for Police employees

Appointment of constables

Authorised officers

Identification of people detained by Police

Other Police powers

Searches of people in custody

Operational provisions


Special provisions concerning terms and conditions of employment

Superannuation schemes

Strikes and lockouts involving constables

Removal of Police employees

Compulsory retirement and compulsory and voluntary disengagement from Police

Restrictions on resignation

International policing: overseas operations

International policing: United Nations operations

Transitional and savings provisions

Terms relating to Police in other enactments

Amendments to Employment Relations Act 2000


Amendment to Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004

Amendments to Land Transport Act 1998

Amendment to State Sector Act 1988

Amendments to Summary Offences Act 1981

Amendment to Hazardous Substances (Classes 1 to 5 Controls) Regulations 2001

Other enactments amended, repeals, and revocations

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: