Domestic Violence Reform Bill

  • discharged on 12 March 2012

Hon Annette King

Domestic Violence Reform Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note

1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Purpose

Part 1
Amendments to Domestic Violence Act 1995

4 Principal Act amended

5 Interpretation

6 Object

7 Applications by minors

8 Applications against minors

9 Application without notice for protection order

10 Protection of persons other than applicant

11 New heading and sections 28B to 28D inserted

12 New heading substituted

13 New sections 28E and 28F inserted

14 Programmes for protected persons

15 New section 29A inserted

16 Power to direct respondent or associated respondent to attend programme

17 Terms of direction that respondent or associated respondent attend programme

18 Direction to attend programme made on application without notice

19 New section 40A inserted

20 Powers of Registrar on receipt of notice under section 39 or 41

21 Judge may call respondent or associated respondent before Court

22 Confidentiality of information disclosed to programme provider

23 New heading and sections 44A to 44F inserted

24 Power to discharge protection order

25 New sections 47A to 47C inserted

26 New sections 49 and 49A substituted

27 Power to arrest for breach of protection order

28 Application without notice for occupation order or tenancy order

29 Application without notice for ancillary furniture order or furniture order

30 Applications for property orders by minors

31 Applications for property orders against minors

32 Procedure where respondent does not require hearing

33 New section 79A inserted

34 Procedure where hearing required

35 New section 80A inserted

36 Court may appoint lawyer

37 Conduct of proceedings

38 New Part 6A inserted

39 Regulations

Part 2
Amendments to Care of Children Act 2004

40 Principal Act amended

41 Principles relevant to child's welfare and best interests

42 Section 54 repealed

43 Procedure if child's parents are parties to interim order

44 Interpretation

45 Allegations of violence made in proceedings relating to parenting orders

46 Procedure for dealing with proceedings in section 59(1)

47 Preventing removal of child from New Zealand

48 New sections 77A and 77B inserted

49 Preventing removal of child to defeat application

50 New section 122A inserted

Part 3
Amendments to Sentencing Act 2002

51 Principal Act amended

52 New heading and sections 123A to 123G inserted

Part 4
Amendments to Bail Act 2000

53 Principal Act amended

54 Defendant admitted to bail by member of police

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: