Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Phil Heatley

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House



1 Title

2 Commencement

3 Principal Act amended

Part 1
Amendments to principal Act

4 Interpretation

5 New section 4 substituted

6 Act excluded in certain cases

7 New section 5B inserted

8 Short fixed-term tenancies

9 Contents of tenancy agreement

10 New section 13AB inserted

11 Exceptions to requirements relating to tenancy agreements

12 Change of name or address

13 New sections 16A and 16B inserted

13A Requiring key money prohibited

14 New section 18A inserted

15 Duties of landlord on receipt of bond

15A Tenant may pay bond direct to chief executive with landlord's consent

16 New sections 22 to 22E substituted

17 Rent increases

18 New section 24A inserted

19 Market rent

20 New sections 28 to 28B substituted

21 Accelerated rent or damages prohibited

22 Tenant’s goods not to be seized

23 New section 39 substituted

24 Tenant’s responsibilities

25 Tenant’s fixtures

26 Assignment and subletting by tenant

27 Landlord’s responsibilities

28 Landlord’s right of entry

29 Circumstances in which tenancies are terminated

30 New section 50A inserted

31 Termination by notice

32 Special provisions for notice terminating service tenancies

33 New section 53A inserted

34 Tribunal may declare retaliatory notice of no effect

35 Termination on non-payment of rent, damage, or assault

36 Termination for other breach

37 Mortgagee or other person becoming entitled to possession

38 Destruction of premises

39 New section 59A inserted

40 New sections 60A to 60C inserted

41 Abandonment of premises

42 New sections 62 to 62F substituted

43 Entry without order of Tribunal prohibited

44 Possession order

45 Eviction of squatters

46 Reduction of fixed-term tenancy

New Part 2A inserted

47 New Part 2A inserted


Boarding house tenancy agreements

Rights and obligations of landlords and tenants

House rules

Landlord’s right of entry



48 Constitution of Tribunal

49 Term of office of Tenancy Adjudicator

50 Conduct of Tribunal and stationing of Tenancy Adjudicators

51 New section 72 substituted

52 Seal of Tribunal

53 Section 75 repealed

54 Tenancy Mediators

55 Jurisdiction of Tribunal

56 Orders of Tribunal

57 New section 83A inserted

58 New sections 86 and 87 substituted

59 Functions of Tenancy Mediators

60 Tenancy Mediator to observe confidentiality

61 New sections 91A and 91B inserted

62 Non-attendance at hearing after due notice

63 Right of audience

64 Proceedings usually to be in public

65 Tribunal may require inquiry and report by Tenancy Mediator

66 Costs

66A Enforcement of orders other than possession orders and work orders

67 Enforcement of work orders

68 Unlawful acts

69 New section 109A inserted

70 Failing to answer witness summons

71 Contempt

72 New heading and sections 112A to 112F inserted

Contact information for enforcement purposes

73 New section 113 substituted

74 Powers of entry of Tenancy Mediators

75 Rules of procedure

76 Appeal to District Court

77 General functions and powers of chief executive

78 Annual report

79 Residential Tenancies Trust Account

80 Tribunal or chief executive may require terms of tenancy agreement

81 Service of documents

82 New section 136A inserted

83 Regulations relating to other matters

84 Section 141 repealed

85 New Schedules 1 and 1A substituted

Part 2
Transitional provisions

86 Existing tenancies

87 Existing tenancies not affected by certain amendments

88 Application of certain provisions to existing tenancies deferred

88A Goods abandoned in case of tenancies terminated before relevant commencement

89 Boarding house tenancies

89A References to Part 2A to be disregarded before its commencement

89B References to Unit Titles Act 2010 before operation of that Act

90 Bond refund applications

91 Proceedings before Tribunal

92 Unlawful acts

New Schedules 1 and 1A substituted

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: