Local Government (Auckland Reorganisation) Bill

  • enacted

Subpart 2Existing local authorities and local government organisations

29 Obligations of existing local authorities during transition period
  • (1) An existing local authority must continue, subject to the provisions of this subpart, to perform its role as a local authority (as described in section 11 of the Local Government Act 2002) during the transition period.

    (2) An existing local authority must co-operate with the Transition Agency and every other existing local government organisation (including existing local authorities) to facilitate the reorganisation.

    (3) Without limiting subsection (2), an existing local authority must—

    • (a) comply with any reasonable request by the Transition Agency for employees of the existing local authority to be seconded to the Transition Agency under section 13(1)(f); and

    • (b) comply with any reasonable request by the Transition Agency for any information that the existing local authority holds that is relevant to the reorganisation (including personal information relating to employment matters); and

    • (c) act in accordance with section 31.